At Outfox Marketing, we are passionate about turning life’s precious moments into unforgettable stories. Our dedicated team of videographers is committed to creating cinematic experiences that capture the essence of your special occasions.

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Capturing Visual Masterpieces

Our videography services encompass a wide range of events and projects, including:

  • Brand Anthems
  • Promotional Series
  • Network & Streaming
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Documentary

About the Awards


Hella Black

2023 Daytime Emmy Award Nominee Button: tbd


Emeril Cooks

2023 Daytime Emmy Award Nominee Button: tbd


Own The Hunt

AdFed Show Triple Award Winner 

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Featured Video

Brand Anthems

Fenix Parts
Carencro PD

Promotional Series

Own The Hunt
Endless Fall
Own The Hunt
The Pursuit
Own The Hunt
All Hands On Deck

Network & Streaming

Emeril Tailgates
Hella Black

Social Media Marketing

Lost Hat Co
Duck Connection
The Bond


First Time Rancher
Get That Art
Hella Black
Project Upland
Spectabilis / HeavyShot

Frequently Asked Questions

Outfox was originally born as a production company, but after 15 years of combined growth in the industry, Outfox was rebranded to a full marketing agency, working with hundreds of clients across the globe.

Outfox can audit your business and online presence to give data driven recommendations on the best marketing strategies moving forward.

If you know what services you need, please contact us.  If you are unsure of what services you need, we can schedule an appointment to go over what best suits your business needs.